Streaming Live From The Scene


From The Scene TV is currently seeking PAID stringer positions! Are you always running into emergency scenes, can’t sleep at night, or looking for some side cash? If you have a cell phone (camcorder/DSLR preferred) and transportation, you automatically qualify to be on our team! You can earn up to $100 per  video broadcasted!

Why should you consider From The Scene TV?

  • Locally-owned business
  • Competitive pay rates and schedules
  • Work parties
  • Friendly staff and administration
  • Leader in the area-based industry

Job Responsibilities:

  • Capture, edit, and upload footage from emergency scenes in a timely, but safe manner
  • Travel to and from emergency scenes within the region6842
  • Communicate with administration and TV news networks
  • Handle press releases/press conferences
  • Perform stand-by duties


Video payments are paid on a Net30 basis. Payments are only made for video content broadcasted to the news networks, after which their payment has been received and processed. Payment can be up to $100 per video broadcasted PER network.